Monthly Archives: April 2013

Gmail > InQloud > Evernote automagically

I love Evernote and GMail. So I was very happy to find InQloud – a service that allows you to forward emails directly to Evernote where they will be given tags you specify as well as being put in the notebook you specify.

I’ve found this process great for automating those emails I already know exactly what I need to do with such as a regular bill to pay or a weekly newsletter I like to read. Now, instead of going through the process of forwarding emails to Evernote, then filing them appropriately in Evernote, it’s done automatically by InQloud.

One idea I’m pleased I’ve implemented is to tag all notes that are automatically created in Evernote this way with ‘Unread’ (as well as the other relevant tags). That way when I go to Evernote, I can quickly review notes that have been created automatically. Once I’m happy with them, I just delete the ‘Unread’ tag, as they have already been tagged appropriately.

I hope that’s a helpful tip for someone out there!